Month: January 2015

Moen Bath Safety Products

This is a great video from Moen Highlighting their Homecare/Bath Safety line.... Beautiful, functional and safety for the whole family!!!! Love it :)

2014's kitchen of the year!!!

What a stunning kitchen.... look at the beautiful faucets that were used!!!  

Aqua Flo Water Filter

     The more I read about the Aqua Flo water filter system the more I think everyone should have one. If you are on city water and hate the taste and impurities then adding the...

Hometown Hockey this weekend!

Don't forget to check out all of the free activities this weekend!!! check out the link below for more information....

The "Etch" by Moen

Our Moen representative was in today and showed us the new "Etch" faucet..... I loved it and so many great features!!!! Graceful in stature, Etch faucets give you the jewel to elevate the look of your...

"Grohe Blue" Chilled and Sparkling

This faucet is so cool..... Here's the link to view the video.   Every day, we all benefit from and enjoy the luxury of drinking water straight from the faucet. Most of us are happy...

Remodeling for your Dog!

What a great idea to remodel your mudroom for your fury friend. Lets face it, they're not always the cleanest when they come back inside :) Check out other great ideas from Better Homes and Gardens...

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