Water, Water everywhere !

Water, Water everywhere !

founders-ship  We live on an Island.  We like to think we live on the most beautiful Island in the world.  Ok, well in the summer at least.  Being on an Island means we are surrounded by water, but as we all know, we can’t drink it.  We also do not use our rivers or lakes for drinking water so that leaves us with underground aquifers.  This groundwater has been very much in the media of late.  We see potential issues with contamination from a variety of sources, and many of us have to deal with the quality of our water getting poorer.   The city of Charlottetown has also been dealing with the consumption of water exceeding the cities wells capacity to provide it.

One of the ways the city is trying to reduce water consumption by homeowners is to meter the water going to residential homes.  In fact, within the next four years every home in Charlottetown will have a meter.  How is this going to reduce consumption?  Well, simply put, you will be paying based on how much you use, instead of simply paying a flat rate you are much more likely to reduce the amount you use.  There is no way to sugar coat it. Will you pay more for your water?  That depends on a lot of things but the bottom line is, you will now pay for all the water you consume.  This is where we come in !

Mr plumber can offer many different ways to reduce your domestic water consumption, and even better, we can come into your home and install the devices that will help to reduce it.  Think about it.  If you will now be paying for every drop you use, doesn’t it make sense to use as little as possible while still maintain the level of comfort you are used to?

Call us…we can help.

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