Why Your Furnace Is Making You Sick & Costing You Extra Money

Why Your Furnace Is Making You Sick & Costing You Extra Money

how to clean your dirty heat pump

Hey! My heat works just fine. Why do I need to clean my furnace or heat pumps?

On PEI, we spend a lot of time in our homes during the Winter. Here are three BIG reasons why you need to keep up with your furnace & heat pump cleaning at least twice a year. . . You will stay healthier, you’ll save money, and you’ll save more money with clean air in your home.

1. Clean air keeps the germs away

Our customers are always shocked at the dust, grime, debris, mold, pollen, critters, bugs, and other gross things we won’t mention. In just a few months, your furnace & heat pump will cycle incredible amounts of air through your home. Quickly, the tiny particles in the air will get sucked into your furnace. Where does it go?

Dirty furnaces & heat pumps start recycling dirty, mold and allergen filled air that can make you sick. All those nasty little germs and contaminates get pushed back into the air you breathe. Why do you think people get sick with colds and sinus infections in the Winter?

Stay Healthy with Clean Air

  • Change your air filters every 2-3 months
  • Hire a professional to clean your furnace & AC units twice a year
  • Hire a professional to clean your ductwork & vents

2. Save money on energy bills by keeping your furnace clean

Your furnace & heat pumps are one of the biggest energy consumers in your home. Studies show 40% of your energy bill will be from your furnace. The more efficient your heater operates, the less you pay the energy company.

It should be evident that all these dirty contaminates building up quickly in just a few short months directly affect the efficiency of your furnace or heat pump.

  • Example; if a someone tried breathing through their shirt, it would take more energy. Right? That’s what a filter does to a furnace.
  • Now, what would happen if they were to breathe through that same shirt loaded with dirt and grime? It would be much harder for them to breathe in the air (and that would be gross!). That’s what happens when your furnace sucks in dust and other contaminants.

You will pay less in energy costs when your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner is running efficiently.

3. Furnace Cleaning & Inspection Save You

Wouldn’t it be terrible for your heat pump or furnace to break down on a FREEZING day this Winter?

Professional furnace & heat pump cleaning services will likely save you on any costly breakdowns. Having your furnace inspected by a professional while it is cleaned is critical for a safe, warm home all Winter long.

If your furnace or heat pump does break down, Mr. Plumber can help with our emergency services available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We prefer you to save yourself from these types of situations. Be proactive and call us to clean your furnace to save you the terrible experience of a cold house in the middle of the Winter!

Mr. Plumber is PEI’s expert in furnace cleaning, heat pump cleaning, Radon testing, and Radon mitigation. We are the best choice for these types of services! Watch this video of the gunk we pull out of a heat pump after six months.

how to clean your dirty heat pumpAsk us to clean your furnace or heat pump so we can help keep you healthy and save you money!

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Written by Joel Sellentine, clean air enthusiast for Mr. Plumber


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