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Plumbing and heating can be confusing so we offer our decades of plumbing & renovation experience to you! The more information you have, the more likely they are to enjoy the designs and purchases you make.

Take a few moments to find out what is new in an industry that has been evolving for many years. We hope you will come away with a new appreciation for everything involved with how the systems in your home or business place work.

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At Mr. Plumber, we value any opportunity to provide you with plumbing, heating, water testing, radon gas testing, bathroom renovations, water softener ideas, and any assistance to our valued customers. Please reach out to us today! We would love the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

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You should always ask for certifications when making important decisions for your home. Mr. Plumber technicians keep up to date on all the latest important plumbing and contractor techniques to provide you, our customer, with the best service experience on the island! It’s just another reason why you should trust Mr. Plumber!

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  • Hi Grant: I want to take this opportunity to let you know that we are very pleased with the workmanship and manner in which all the work was done for us in January. All of the Tradesmen involved, Elric MacDonald, Jeremy Doucette, Glen Roberts as well as Grant Smith and Don Proude at Loyalist Marble were most helpful in helping us choose our fixtures and making sure the work was completed as efficiently as possible. Thank you for all your help.

    Sincerely, Don Webster

  • Hi Grant: Just to let you know that Wayne Huston came today (Friday) and explained the in-floor heating system to me. He was very helpful and now- for the first time- I feel very much at ease with our heating system. As indicated to you before, we will call Mr. Plumber should we ever need help with any of our heating or plumbing needs. To date your staff has been both courteous and competent, and we are well satisfied.

    Regards, Michael

  • Hi Blair….I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Jason Laybolt. I have never worked with him before. We cut the floor at Kays Brothers yesterday and as expected, we cut a bunch of heating lines and a few Heating Mains. Jason had it all patched and heat back on at 4.30 pm. I was in this morning and no leaks. Building is heating fine…..another quality job by Mr. Plumber.

    Austin MacDonald

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